Los Bando

Action/Adventure, Sweden/Norway 2018

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When he does try, Aksel misunderstands Grim's hints and thinks the band would benefit from an extra bass player. While this is true, it puts the two of them in an even stranger situation. Because the only one who shows up for the audition is Thilda. She can elicit really rocking tones from her cello, but she's only nine. Because time is short, Aksel and Grim take her on without further ado. After all, they have been invited to a big rock competition in Tromsø in northern Norway, which will take place shortly. Together with the rally driver Martin, the three musicians set off in a camping bus. But Martin also has a secret. Or more precisely: two secrets. On the one hand, he is only 17 years old and does not yet have a driver's license. Secondly, he has "borrowed" the camper from his terribly religious brother without the latter's consent and has also repainted it beforehand. The KinderFilmWelt wrote: "You've probably already noticed: the title character, Thilda, is by no means the lead in this film. She is indeed an interesting character because she is an outsider, feels lonely and knows what she wants. But the film doesn't just tell her story. About Grim we learn that he runs away from his constantly fighting parents, about Martin that he no longer wants to do what his father tells him to do. But Aksel has to cope with the most setbacks, because he wants to finally win over the love of his life, Linda, with his hoped-for success at the rock competition, but she - how could it be otherwise - has never given him a glance. The film connects all these little stories by sending the four young musicians on a long journey through Norway. A road movie is the name given to such a film, which tells of a journey and in which the change of the characters in the course of the journey is more important than the arrival. But don't worry: despite the serious themes, there is plenty to laugh about. This is ensured by some exceedingly funny encounters, pitiful attempts at singing - and last but not least a real car chase."

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Christian Lo


Eirik Myhr

Sound Design:

Gisle Tveito

Original title:

Los Bando

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Further titles:

Thilda & die beste Bande der Welt


16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 10 years


FBW-Jugend Filmjury

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